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Industry-Leading Lease Optimization and Site Development Services

Years of Excellence

BLACKDOT Provides Several Unique And Customized Services Over A Variety Of Industries.

BLACKDOT is the recognized leader in lease management (aka lease optimization) services. The principals of BLACKDOT pioneered the first lease purchase and lease optimization programs helping landowners and tenants alike improve the value of their assets.

Over the past 20+ years, members of BLACKDOT have monetized over $1 billion in assets, reduced client operating expenses by over $10 billion dollars, and have helped landowners secure billions of dollars in rent guarantees.

Our expertise in the industry is supported by seasoned professionals having collectively negotiated, developed and built over 50,000 locations. Through our people and systems, BLACKDOT has built a solid reputation by fulfilling its promises and delivering results.

Marc Anthony . CEO

BLACKDOT creates significant value for its clients, employees, and shareholders by being the leading optimizer in the international telecommunications sector through Complete Focus, Total Awareness and Absolute Integrity.

what our clients say

Executing a $30,000,000 cellular tower transaction from Key Largo to Key West, complete with the intricacies of a 1031 exchange, fee and easement purchases, and a staggered closing schedule, was a testament to the team's unparalleled professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Despite the deal's immense complexity, their unwavering dedication ensured a seamless and proficient handling of every challenge.

Eddie Bie

President, Sound of Services, Inc.

I'm pleased to provide this testimonial for BLACKDOT LLC. They expertly handled the sale of our commercial property cell site portfolio, exceeding all expectations. With multiple properties and a 60-day deadline, they demonstrated remarkable expertise, securing a top sale price while ensuring tax efficiency and tenant collateral release. BLACKDOT LLC was not just advisors but trusted partners, guiding us throughout. Highly recommended for complex property transactions.

Christopher Mata

Property Manager, Alamitos Associates

Due to the diligent efforts of BLACKDOT, we were able to identify and resolve a significant title issue with my property. BLACKDOT collaborated closely with both me and my legal counsel to comprehensively address all my concerns, ultimately leading to the successful completion of a highly complex transaction. Currently, BLACKDOT is actively supporting me in negotiating a new lease agreement with another carrier. I eagerly anticipate another prosperous lease purchase transaction with BLACKDOT once this negotiation concludes.

Alan Ginsburg

President, AG Properties

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to BLACKDOT for their pivotal role in reconstructing nearly three and a half decades of meticulous documentation. Their invaluable assistance not only facilitated the organization and packaging of the Downtown Minneapolis Fiber Duct System for a prosperous sale but also guided us through the entire process. BLACKDOT's unwavering professionalism, expertise, and compassion rendered the last 35 years exceptionally rewarding, culminating in a successful transaction.

Debbie Nelson

Partner, Dash Sterling

Over the years, top wireless carriers invested millions to set up communication facilities on my property in a high-end neighborhood. They took two years to secure permits and designed sites to seamlessly blend with the surroundings. As my needs changed, I decided to sell my large home and the communication sites separately. BLACKDOT crafted a plan turning my vision into reality, allowing me to sell my home and capitalize on my past efforts with the carriers. BLACKDOT's three decades of telecom experience made this possible. Thank you, BLACKDOT!

Mike Darmawan

Residential Property Owner