About us

Complete focus, total awareness, absolute integrity

Who we are

Since our inception in 2004, BLACKDOT has been a pioneering leader in the telecommunications industry.

blackdot since 2004

Guided by our mantra Complete Focus, Total Awareness, and Absolute Integrity, we have successfully engaged with landowners and tenants alike to improve the value of their assets while preserving the integrity of their relationships through a multifaceted approach to lease management. 

By fulfilling our promises and delivering results, we have managed to secure billions of dollars in rent guarantees for landowners while also providing the option to capitalize on the value of their property, an opportunity that has resulted in over $1 billion in monetized assets for participating clients. 

BLACKDOT is built on this reputation and will continue to lead by the example we have set over the past 15 years.

What we do

Our mission is dedicated to the standardization and optimization of wireless network portfolios for carriers and tower companies. We have been involved in over 80% of all lease optimizations, as well as deploying thousands of new and existing optimized, modified and upgraded cell sites throughout the United States and Canada. 

Our team understands the internal and external process of carrier and tower companies and appreciates the delicate balance that exists between driving down operating costs, creating operational flexibility and most importantly, protecting cell site landlord relationships and rents. 

This collective knowledge base enhances our ability to provide the most optimized, highly scalable, and measurable solutions for a demanding wireless industry.

How we work

By applying our business acumen and knowledge to the industry, we achieve results that exceed expectations. BLACKDOT has built a solid reputation by being diligent in its work ethic and delivering on its promise. 

The company employs over 150 professionals with specialties in business, finance, telecommunications, real estate, legal and marketing; as well as specialists from the capital markets and banking industry.

With offices and operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the Caribbean, Black Dot’s commitment to growth and excellence has contributed to the company’s current success.

Leadership Team

Marc Anthony – Founder & CEO

Marc has over 25 years of tele-communications, technology, capital markets, sales, and financial management. He founded BLACKDOT (Black Dot) back in 2004.

Monika Naillon – Chief of Staff

Monika brings 20+ years of organizational, operational and project management expertise to BLACKDOT. She liaises and facilitates communications across all levels of the company.

Mark Chepel – CTO

Mark Chepel has over 20 years of technology and development experience. He joined BLACKDOT in 2008 and has a vast interest in enterprise-based technologies, wireless integrations, and data management.