How To Hide the Eyesore that is a Cell Tower

  People often talk about cell towers and how they look, but there’s more to them than just their appearance. Most people don’t know much about the technical side of cell tower design. Why should they care? Well, it actually affects our daily lives in many ways. This article aims to explain why certain designs […]

The Fiber Optic Revolution: Illuminating the Path to the Future

Fiber Optic

In today’s fast-paced digital world, we’re all craving internet that’s lightning quick and super reliable, right? That’s where fiber optic tech swoops in like a superhero, promising to totally change the game when it comes to how we connect, chat, and binge-watch YouTube. What is fiber optics? Instead of old-school copper cables, they shoot data […]

The Evolution Of A Cell Tower

Old Cell Tower

The first cell tower was a bland, steel-lattice tower, raised to the sky; it was ugly and inefficient, with an at-the-time standard of three calls/per the entire city of Chicago.  The cell towers of today, are far more interspersed, be it utilizing an old-fashioned steel and or steel lattice tower design, regular or stealth, or […]